Better decisions come from better information.

Each day, we curate the best info on the web that could affect you financially (stocks, IPOs, real estate, taxation, crypto, and more).
Most people are under-educated not because of intelligence, but because they are busy.

You don’t have time to scour through a hundred pages of news daily to find the one or two bullet points that are relevant.

We do that for you.

As a subscriber, our curation service will handpick and deliver the things most likely to move the needle. From crypto, to NYSE IPOs, to federal reserve policy, to real estate news, to whatever else we think should be on your radar.

Our algorithms take everything published (both written and recorded) and then our team meticulously consumes and processes the implications for you.

Anything that is lacking coverage (aka not mainstream), we use a team of expert professionals to handcraft updates and alerts for you.

Our founders are practitioners, and they wanted a tool to condense down the time needed to “stay in the know,” without sacrificing coverage or intelligence.

So they created this. Then decided to make it available to people like them who wanted the info but didn’t have hours a day to go hunt it down.


We process and consume a collection of news organizations, online expert publications, 30-40 Twitter power users, and 8-10 hours of business/finance podcasts…

From there, we strip down approximately 400 pages and 10 hours of daily content into 2x weekly digests delivered Sundays and Wednesdays to help you make better business & investment decisions.

The 2x "Sunday / Wednesday" digests are free. If making great decisions is a full time gig - you can become a premium/power user for $27/month. We publish Sunday through Friday with emphasis on Crypto every Friday. Audio digests also included for power/premium users.  

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