My Favorite Stocks & Why I Chose Them

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My Favorite Stocks & Why I Chose Them

Good morning and happy Saturday.

Welcome to the premium-only content I've been talking about.

This is one of the most exciting brands that I am a part of because it deals with arguably the most important areas of a person's day-to-day life: money, technology, world events, and the future.

Over the next six months, we will be adding a few elements that I think you will love. For starters, we're in the beginning stages of adding audio to each digest. Secondarily, we're in talks right now with several legitimate experts that will be contributing their private thoughts & research to Market Movers.

We will organize these experts around these 5 categories:

  • General Markets (stocks, bonds, etcetera)
  • Startup & tech (new IPOs, new software, etcetera)
  • Real estate (a big deal for me personally, as most of my holdings are asset-based)
  • Crypto & blockchain (more on this later)
  • Politics & taxation

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