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  • ChatGPT passes law school exams. A quartet of law professors at the University of Minnesota used the popular artificial intelligence chatbot to generate answers to exams in four courses last semester, then graded them blindly alongside actual students' tests. ChatGPT’s average C+ performance fell below the humans' B+ average, the authors said. If applied across the curriculum, that would still be enough to earn the chatbot a law degree.
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  • US economy cools as 4th-quarter GDP growth rate slows to 2.9 percent. The GDP growth rate in the October-to-December 2022 period topped economists’ expectations of 2.6 percent but did come in below the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta’s GDPNow model estimate of 3.5 percent. The jump in GDP was driven by gains in private inventory investment,* nonresidential fixed investment, consumer spending, and federal, state, and local government spending.

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