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  • Google Steps Up the Competition with ChatGPT Rival. Google is taking the competition with AI-powered language model ChatGPT seriously with its new project, "Atlas," under its cloud unit. This "code red" effort is designed to compete with ChatGPT. The tech giant is also testing a chatbot named "Apprentice Bard," which provides employees with detailed answers to their questions, much like ChatGPT. As feedback continues to pour in from employees, Google remains committed to improving its offerings in this area.
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  • US Home Prices Slip, Market Bottom in Sight. US home prices have slipped for five consecutive months, with the Case-Schiller index posting a 7.7% annual gain in home prices, down from 9.2% in October. Meanwhile, the FHFA index showed a 0.1% decline in prices between October and November. Among the 20 cities, Miami, Tampa, and Atlanta reported the highest* year-over-year gains in November.

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