The second supplement to price that is critically important is momentum.

We've all thrown that tennis ball up in the air and you can see the momentum slowing before the tennis ball hits its peak and starts to fall.

When you look at the stock market, we want to look at it in a very similar way.

Momentum's gonna slow down before prices peak.

Stock charts aren't quite as obvious as that tennis ball, but there is a simple way to know where it is at in it's arc. And in this video, JC shares the single number you need to look at to instantly understand where the momentum of a particular trade is headed.

  1. The Importance of Momentum & Relative Strength
  2. Finding Breakout Stocks (before they break out)
  3. Spotting Relative Weakness Before It's Too Late
  4. Momentum Investing
  5. The Only 2 Momentum Questions That Matter

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