The digests you will receive as a member of Market Movers are rigorously curated for investors and business thinkers.

We take our information diets very seriously.

The most important part of that diet is identifying trustworthiness in the material you are consuming. It does not matter how much time you spend reading if the material I am reading is garbage, faulty, or inaccurate.

Bad data leads to bad decisions which will eventually create less than satisfactory results.

For transparency’s sake, we wanted to provide a list of sources that we will be pulling on daily to provide the material for these digests.

Each digest will be sent with four main categories comprised of curated material from several hundred pieces of news. Don't worry, the point is to SAVE you time without compromising  intelligence. You won't receive 100 pieces all at once, youll get a curated version of the main heavy-hitters.


  • Something interesting (a trend, topic, or bit of education content that will expand your thinking)

  • Market movers (curated news pieces that are making waves in financial markets / real estate)

  • What to watch (things that haven’t happened yet, but we think they could happen)

  • Final thoughts (a quote from notable author/leader relating to business)

We review, and curate, from the following main sources:  public news organizations, private online publications, thought leaders & CEOs from our personal network, a bit of private research from brands that our founders manage, and a stack of business / financial podcasts.

Our real estate corporation maintains a network of exceptional contacts in industries such as banking, lending, construction, development, marketable securities, financial planning, family offices, insurance, high finance, personal finance, and etcetera. There is quite a bit of information we are able to keep tabs on just from our relationships and the people who run our book of business.

For instance, I spoke with one of our nationwide lenders this morning (a subsidiary of Blackstone), and he shared that the current Q4 (2021) housing shortage is projected to be over 4 million homes. That means they are predicting a housing shortage of over 4 million individual houses.

It’s public knowledge that anything under 5 months of inventory is a “tight” market. Currently, they’re calculating a 2.6 month inventory in the US. This paints a picture and the picture is bullish on residential real estate.

Now, part of this is private intel that I will be using to make decisions, and we will be sharing that information with you in an effort to democratize this kind of news to our mailing list. That kind of education is invaluable, especially if you’d like to make informed decisions about your long term investments.

Our team will be consuming every post, article, and tweet from all of the following sources every single day. If it hits the interenet, our tech will find it and our team will parse it. We will then curate the most applicable pieces in a digest that we will use to write the publications. This is easily 100+ pages a day that we are going to read for you, then condense down into a twice-weekly newsletter digest that can be consumed in 5-30 minutes.

From the beginning, the purpose of this project was to condense the daily reading time for our founders down to about 30 minutes a day without sacrificing news coverage. This is such a huge project that we think will benefit your life tremendously, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Public News Organizations

  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Barrons Magazine
  • CNBC Pro
  • Market Watch
  • Financial Times
  • The Economist
  • NY Times (real estate)
  • Epoch Times

This newsletter will not replace any of these organizations but will instead help narrow down your focus to just the stories that are applicable to business, finance, investing, public markets, and real estate.

Private Online Publications

  • A Wealth of Common Sense
  • Calculated Risk
  • Rit Holtz
  • Realtor Magazine Daily
  • Inman
  • Appfolio blog
  • Mike DP
  • JL Collins Research
  • Pomp
  • Fool
  • Stratechery

More sources are added on a weekly basis, and we update this list in realtime.

Again, we recommend subscribing to all of the sources listed above if you're interested in the total breadth of their content. We will not be “cloning” their content or repurposing any of it. It is their material and we gladly pay people for the unique insights they provide. Everything will be linked back to these authors to provide credit where credit is due. The point of this is to simply curate & highlight the most applicable pieces of information so that consumption can be done easily & efficiently every week.

Thought Leaders

We maintain an exhaustive list of Twitter users and published authors who comment on the markets daily. We will not be sharing that list publicly, as it’s private IP. However, it’s important for you to know that our writers & researchers are covering a curation of news sources from outside of your traditional “mainstream media.” There are over 30 users on Twitter that make up our private collection and many of them report daily from their own “boots on ground” vantage points.

Business & Finance Podcasts

An interesting category of data collection for us is podcasts. Podcasts have grown in scope & popularity over recent years, and most businesses & analysts publish a regular cadence of podcasts to listen to. We are currently listening through 8 popular podcasts (about 5 hours per day) and will publish thoughts when relevant or when topics are not covered elsewhere.

Each week we will publish 2 digests curating the top pieces of intelligence that I am using to make investment decisions. This is not financial advice nor are we pretending that it is. This newsletter is simply our personal news “stack” that our founders receive and we decided to make that available to you as a subscriber.

The intention with this post is to share transparently what kinds of sources go into that “stack” and give you a look at the quality of curation & journalism that this project consists of.

We need to get a range of coverage to keep tabs on public markets, IPOs, real estate, crypto, public policy, and tax code changes and the sources above cover them all. We have plans in the works to begin publishing private research. This will be a fascinating venture and we would like to start sourcing material now that benefits ongoing education in these 5 areas:

  • Traditional markets & general business
  • Startup/tech
  • Real estate
  • Crypto/blockchain
  • Politics

In addition, we  like being able to keep tabs on whatever else is interesting so that  we not surprised by anything. The goal of this newsletter will be to give you the same level of “heads up” on everything that could impact you monetarily. As a requirement, that means this publication will present light political commentary.

Thanks again for being subscribed. We can’t wait to share this with you! We are currently planning a “go live” date somewhere towards the last half of August, so stay tuned and if you think about it, share this with your network. The more the merrier.

-Market Movers Team

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