Hindsight is 20-20. And both Wall Street & Main Street are littered with investors wishing they could go back in time before a major downturn.

When looking forward and evaluating a trade, how can you identify a potential collapse vs a potential breakout?

Your ability to sniff out relative weakness is just as important as your ability to identify the relative strength of a potential trade. In this micro lesson, JC breaks it all down.

Evaluating an enticing trade? Gains seem steady & predictable? It may just be a smoke screen masking its inevitable collapse (remember Lehman?). Learn how to quickly assess the difference between a potential winner, and one that is just giving off a false positive.

  1. The Importance of Momentum & Relative Strength
  2. Finding Breakout Stocks (before they break out)
  3. Spotting Relative Weakness Before It's Too Late
  4. Momentum Investing
  5. The Only 2 Momentum Questions That Matter

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