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UK Unveils Blueprint to Govern Crypto Market

Image Source. THIS WEEK IN CRYPTO * UK Unveils Regulatory Proposals for Crypto Industry. Among the proposals was a move that would strengthen rules targeting financial intermediaries and custodians that store crypto on behalf of clients. The proposals would also enforce tougher transparency requirements on crypto exchanges to ensure they publish...


Google Tests Potential ChatGPT Competitor

Image Source. MARKET MOVERS * Google Steps Up the Competition with ChatGPT Rival. Google is taking the competition with AI-powered language model ChatGPT seriously with its new project, "Atlas," under its cloud unit. This "code red" effort is designed to compete with ChatGPT. The tech giant is also testing a chatbot...


Eurozone’s Economy Outpaced U.S. & China in GDP Growth

Image Source. MARKET MOVERS * Eurozone Leads Global Growth. Figures released by the European Union’s statistics agency Tuesday showed the currency- area’s economy grew at an annualized rate of 0.5% as higher energy costs weighed on household spending. This translated into 3.5% growth in gross domestic product*...

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