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  • Tesla Inc. cut prices across its lineup in the US and major European markets. The company lowered the cost of the cheapest Model Y by 20% and lopped as much as $21,000 off its most expensive vehicles in its home market. Starting with aggressive price reductions to its Model 3 and Model Y prices in China, the electric car company has now slashed prices in the U.S. and Europe. It appears that every Tesla model in the U.S. is now being sold at a lower price than it was last week.
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  • HBO Max lifts price of ad-free viewing as streaming’s growth slows. Warner Bros. Discovery Inc. is raising the monthly price for ad-free tier of its HBO Max streaming service. The price for the ad-free tier will rise almost 7% to $15.99 a month from $14.99 a month. Current subscribers will see an increase in their next billing cycle.*

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