• Tesla to Open 7,500 EV Chargers for Non-Tesla Cars. Tesla will expand access to 7,500 of its charging stations by the end of 2024 for non-Tesla electric vehicle drivers, as the Biden administration aims to increase the number of publicly accessible EV chargers on US roads to 500,000. This is a significant shift from the company’s previous policy, which catered only to Tesla owners.
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  • Buffett’s Quick $3.7 Billion Sale of TSMC Stock Spooks Investors. Berkshire Hathaway's quick $3.7 billion sale of TSMC's American depositary receipts last quarter caused a sudden drop in investor sentiment toward the chip giant, marking an unusually quick reversal by the legendary stock picker* Warren Buffet. Buffett's holding of TSMC's ADRs decreased by 86% in the last quarter, according to the latest filing.

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