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  • The United States government has filed a lawsuit against Google for alleged antitrust violations, claiming that the tech giant abuses its dominant position as one of the biggest brokers, suppliers, and auctioneers of online ads. The lawsuit seeks to unwind Google's past acquisitions, including its 2008 purchase of ad-serving company DoubleClick, and calls for the divestiture of its ad exchange. This promises to be a long and significant battle with wide-ranging implications for the digital-advertising industry.*
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  • Amazon is shaking things up in the healthcare industry by adding a new prescription benefit to its Prime program for U.S. users. The add-on, called RxPass, will allow Prime members to get as many drugs as they need from a list of 50 generic medications to treat over 80 common chronic conditions. The service costs $5 a month per person and delivery is free. This is a major move for Amazon as it continues to expand its offerings and solidify its position as a one-stop-shop for all consumer needs. Read more here.

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